If a TV Show Ends Badly Does it Affect a Viewer Re-watching it?

Why do certain shows leave a bad taste?

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That Game of Thrones ending.

Of course the recent example was the extremely popular show, Game of Thrones. Possibly a show as unlikely to be popular as any other — an R rated show about life in times of kings and queens, of warfare with swords, incest, and dragons. However, it soon had this massive cult following and everyone was watching. As soon as it was on. Streaming services were taking over it seemed, until GoT and then, suddenly, people are watching live TV again. This show was being watched at the same time around the country and talked about in earnest. People fell in love with the characters and the complicated plots and the sheer violence of it all.

As it happened, I loved the ending. I felt like it tied everything up and both huge things (no spoilers here) were perfect in my eyes. Very symbolic and very apt.

I think the main reasons for my enjoyment of the ending were; a) I hadn’t read the books, and b) I joined the show very, very late. I didn’t experience the long wait for the final season. That wait where the show is probably re-watched while the anticipation builds and it becomes this perfect show, on this huge pedestal and the final season cannot possibly be as good because of this.

Final word.

I have since re-watched all of the above shows, and enjoyed them again. Up to the horrible endings of course. I enjoy the journey, and as a writer, it intrigues me to look at where I think they went wrong and what I would hypothetically do better. It’s good for my writing to re-watch shows I love. To watch those characters develop and the plotlines unravel. I like to write while watching something which is a completely different genre to the piece or book I’m working on. I find it takes away the silence and the pressure to put words into a document.

Children/YA author and literacy teacher. I write articles about writing, teaching, fatherhood, and gender/racial equality among other things!

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